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ChemioCare Expands Proprietary Transdermal Platform

ChemioCare USA Inc. (“ChemioCare” or the “Company”), a biotech company focused on transforming patient outcomes in cancer supportive care, today announces a successful Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration: ChemioCare’s exclusive formulation development partner, Transdermal Research Pharm Laboratories LLC (TRPL), has obtained a new registration with the DEA as a Manufacturer authorized to handle Schedule 1 controlled substances.

This successful DEA registration allows TRPL to initiate formulation development of a dronabinol transdermal patch, CMIO-DRONAB, the fourth program in parallel development in the ChemioCare supportive care platform. Pedro Lichtinger, ChemioCare Chairman and CEO explains, “Advancing our dronabinol program is another development milestone for our Company. We have made significant progress establishing unique profiles for each patch, all are driven by on-label superiority. The profiles have expanded beyond our initial focus on CINV, establishing ChemioCare as a platform supportive care company.” The DEA registration also establishes an opportunity to research additional indications for dronabinol by leveraging its activity at cannabinoid receptors.

The Company has identified significant unmet medical needs that its Olanzapine and Dexamethasone patches, CMIO-OLANZ and CMIO-DEX, are uniquely positioned to address:

- CMIO-OLANZ, olanzapine 7-day transdermal delivery system (TDS), is the first product in development for PARP inhibitor induced nausea and vomiting. CMIO-OLANZ formulation development is expected to complete its Proof Of Concept in animals before the end of the year.

- CMIO-DEX, dexamethasone 7-day TDS, dexamethasone is used extensively in the control of swelling and edema in Brain Cancer and Brain Surgery. Dexamethasone is highly effective in this setting but unfortunately causes severe side effects. We believe that the use of transdermal technology can maintain efficacy while significantly reducing side effects by bypassing the first metabolism pass and CMax characteristics of the current oral use. Our Laboratory has shown flux and is working on improving steady state delivery.

CMIO-ONDAN, ondansetron 5-day transdermal patch, has completed a POC study in animals and is also expected to complete its human POC study mid 2019. CMIO-ONDAN is in development to be the first 5HT3 Receptor Antagonist to obtain an indication for delayed CINV in the Highly Emetogenic Chemotherapy (HEC) patient segment. This product’s Phase 3 clinical program has been validated by our Scientific Advisory Board and is in the process of being included in our request for a pre-IND meeting with the FDA.

By leveraging its Transdermal Platform and the 505(b)2 regulatory path, both CMIO-ONDAN and CMIO-OLANZ are expected to be ready to enter their phase 3 clinical programs next year.

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