Who We Are

TRPL, an R&D company founded in 2013, is a state of art R&D facility located in Long Island City, NY. TRPL is focused on early stage development of novel transdermal drug delivery systems for critical therapeutic needs. 

Our scientific staff has collectively more than 100 years of experience in developing transdermal delivery systems. We are well-able to assist in the development of novel systems in a rapid and cost-effective manner, by fee for service contracts or corporate partnerships.

What We Have Accomplished

TRPL has evaluated the feasibility for transdermal delivery of a number of therapeutic agents. Two of our formulations have recently reached human first-in-man clinical studies, and a third is scheduled for Q4 2019. We have a number of patent applications pending as well as three that have been awarded.

Advantages of Transdermal Drug Delivery

Transdermal drug delivery may be superior to oral delivery, particularly for disorders that involve disturbances in gastrointestinal function and for drugs that are poorly absorbed or are degraded in the GI tract.

Because transdermal delivery is essentially an infusion of drug by diffusion across the the skin, transdermal devices can provide stable blood levels of drugs, particularly for those with short half-lives, over a period of several days. This avoids the peaks and troughs in plasma drug levels typical of oral drug therapy.

Transdermal drug delivery may be achieved by ointments, gels, and from adhesive patches with a drug containing reservoir or an adhesive drug containing matrix.