TRPL is currently looking to fill following positions:

1. Sr. Research Scientist


  • Perform various pre-formulation studies such as solubility study, pH dependent solubility study, Rheological studies.

  • Application knowledge of Design of Experiment (DOE) and QbD tools.

  • Conducting different in process and finish product tests for semi-solid dosage forms such as stability, viscosity, elasticity of formulation , IVRT and IVPT studies.

  • Development and Validation of stability indicating HPLC methods for drug molecules by applying analytical Quality based Design (QbD) approach

  • Evaluate and interpret the complex in-vivo animal study data to assess the different transdermal formulations.

  • Prepare reports and recommendations based upon research outcomes to transfer products to CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization)

  • Experience on 505(b)2 drug approval pathway.

Education Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutics or Chemistry or Biology.


2. Research Scientist



  • Designing and evaluating in vitro transdermal delivery of Novel Transdermal formulations using Franz Diffusion cells.

  • Screen and optimize skin permeation enhancers or enhancer combinations, polymers and other excipients for transdermal drug delivery of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient).

  • Develop and optimize Novel Transdermal Drug Delivery systems of drugs including adhesive matrix patch and other transdermal formulations.

  • Data analysis and report Preparation

  • Identify potential drugs for novel transdermal delivery.

  • Conduct stability studies of optimized novel transdermal formulations

  • Validate analytical methods using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

  • Testing and analysis of samples using instruments like HPLC

  • Contribute to invention disclosures and provisional patent applications

  • Review Patents and research articles

Education Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutics or Chemistry.     

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